Self Loving

Learning to love yourself is something we all struggle with and I'd be lying if I said I've been able to master that. It's not a easy journey nor is it a short one but it's one that feels amazing every time you're able to take a step forward.

If we're being honest with each other some things I've struggled and still struggle to love at times is my skin because it's so acne prone and full of scars, my weight, my nose, how 'soft' I can be and my lack of a backbone in most situations.

So...because it's something I know affects a lot of us, I thought I'd share some of my methods I use to drown out, mute and say 'good riddance' to those unwanted and negative thoughts.

Fedoras & Stripes


This set of ootd pictures have been waiting to be posted since august and after running a poll on twitter I finally decided to post them (thank you to all of you who voted). I have to agree, its been way too long since I've posted an ootd.

What Has University Taught Me So Far

As expected, university has taught me a lot about myself, life and what I want from life.

Some of these, I had been prepared for thanks to binge watching university experience videos. Some of these lessons were learnt the hard way. Due to most of the things being learnt the hard way, I thought I would share them with you just in case you are yet to experience any of the following.

120 Hours In Bordeaux

After my flatmate Bella told us the news that she had booked return flights for her mother and herself for £40, one of my best friends, Monet and I decided that we wanted to begin our 2017 with a short girls holiday.

We ended up playing rock, paper, scissors to decide whether we'd be flying out to Milan or Bordeaux. Monet was Milan, I was Bordeaux so you can guess who won our game (me!).

My University Experience So Far

I should probably start off by addressing the elephant in the room...where have I been? The build up to my first year at university, work and settling in has been what my life has consisted of these past few months.

If I had to sum up university so far in a word it would be: an experience.

It's been a positive experience (new friends, independent, new beginning) but there's been the negative experiences too (hacking and fraud on my paypal and my phone and debit card being stolen) but all in all I wouldn't change a thing.

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